Have you ever been distracted by your desktop? Notifications, post-its, reminders, folders with weird names, background pictures? All this stuff can easily distract you and prevent getting focused.

If you are a writer and you need to be concentrated on the current draft, Focused is very helpful. When you run Focused you are in front of a full screen application, which shows you just a text box. This prevents you from having a look to other windows or tools that are potential distractors.

The only thing you’ll see is just your text. Try it!

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Because “The first key to writing is… to write” (Finding Forrester).

Here is a showcase of Focused.

Focused – Demo from funkyboy on Vimeo.

Focused is an Adobe Air application, which runs on Mac, Linux and Windows. To run it you need to install the Adobe Air runtime.

Focused is an open source project, released under the new BSD license.
If you want to contribute drop a comment below or refer to the source home.


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