#UPDATE: Since Twitter changed authorization mechanism, Posty 1.8.2 will not work with Twitter. I will update this post with a new version as soon as I can. Thanks.

There are many microblogging services out there. Sometimes you feel you have a “message” to send or a question to ask. If you subscribed many services, one of the first questions arising is: where do I post this? Twitter? Jaiku? Tumblr? Friendfeed? all of them? For each service usually you have to: open the browser, login, write message, click post. Although some cut and paste can save you some time, the task can get boring soon. Posty simplifies your microblogging. All you have to do is writing the message and clicking a button. Posty, an award winning application, will automatically deliver your message to the services you selected.

Currently supported networks are: Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr, Friendfeed and Identi.ca. Simplify your microblogging!

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Direct link (zip file)

Here is a list of Posty’s features:

  • browsing of personal, public and friends’ timeline
  • posting of replies (Twitter, Friendfeed, Identi.ca)
  • browsing and posting of direct messages (Twitter and Identi.ca)
  • support to favorites (Twitter and Identi.ca)
  • search of past messages (Twitter and Friendfeed)
  • automatic, as-you-type, spellchecking of messages
  • built-in url shortening service
  • configurable notification of recently posted messages (Twitter)
  • automatic notification and installation of new versions
  • visualization of multimedia items (Youtube and Vimeo videos, Tumblr audio, Flickr/Zoomr/Smugmug galleries)
  • automatic management of internet connection (works behind proxies!).

Posty is an Adobe Air application which runs on Windows (2000/XP/Vista), MacOsx (10.4.9 or more) and Linux.

To run Posty you need to download the Adobe Air installer.


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