I like StumbleUpon. My website gets many visits from there. But as many ( blahblahtech and traffikd ) I have an issue with the friends limit.
Said briefly you can be fan of at most 200 people. After that you get a warning and you cannot add more fans. You cannot even reciprocate a fan of yours. So you are in a kind of deadlock.
I devise this sort of algorithm to deal with such a situation:

  • Become fan of a friend
  • if he reciprocates fine
  • if he doesn’t, persuade him to unfriend inactive people he is fan of
  • if he doesn’t reply for a while unfriend him, because he is not active or does not share any interest with you

In Actionscript :)

var limit:int = 2; // weeks

for each (stumbler:People in peopleYouAreFanOf) {
	if (!stumbler.reciprocates() ||
            !stumbler.persuaded() ||
            stumbler.getRepliesWithin(limit) == 0)
	else {

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